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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Label and package printing; Review 2013 & look forward to 2014

2013: The year that went by.

With low or almost flat growth in Indian manufacturing sector and economy estimated to grow just 4.25% according to IMF forecast, as against the government projection of 5.5%, it is indeed a trying time for the industry. The year 2013 threw in some thought provoking challenges to the self adhesive label industry in India.

·        Shrink sleeves were continuously taking a significant share of the label market.

·        With Commercial printing facing a slowdown because of the impact of internet or electronic publishing, offset printers were diversifying into labels and packaging thereby creating more competition.

·        The expected market expansion due to FDI, foreign direct investment, in multi brand retail did not happen.

·        Environmental concerns have been highlighting the adverse impact of liner waste and pressure sensitive adhesive waste matrix going to landfills. Alternatives are becoming evident. Initial investments have been made to move towards linerless materials and labels.

·        The growth rates though still positive have slowed.

·        Raw material prices have risen while selling prices have not seen any improvement

·        There still is need to cater to an increasing market size so the capacity enhancement is an imperative that we cannot deny. This appeared to be the silver lining but the exchange rates making purchases go up by over 15% in value, became the spoilsport making many a printers put their purchase plans on hold.

As we move into 2014 things appear to be crystallizing;

·        Printers have started to invest in label presses with multiple capabilities to offer labels, shrink sleeves, lamitubes and folding cartons with the same equipment. They understand the need to expand the range of their offerings as well as the necessity to have a wider customer base.

·        Printers have started to consider high end equipment to achieve less wastage, faster production to achieve economy of scale, capabilities to offer innovation in their products to meet the competition head-on.

·        As we enter the third week of December 2013, the news that FDI in multi-brand retail is finally here! Tesco has tied up with Tata’s to be an active player in the ever increasing consumer product retail industry.

·        While they were being shrugged off in the past, environmental friendly alternatives are now being seriously looked at. The trend will continue in 2014

·        The general feeling around the country is that economic growth will return after the general elections.

·        In 2014 I do not see any reduction in raw material prices nor do I expect any escalation of selling prices in a competitive growing market. Printers will have to tighten their belts achieve better productivity, reduce wastages and to top it all. They will have to innovate!

·        The industry has to expand in capacity to cater to the needs of growth in demand in a country with a huge population. So we can safely expect more quality investments in the year ahead.

The above opinion of the author has been adapted & published on line by Labels and labeling UK as a part of their global coverage on “Voice of people” titled Label and package printing markets look forward to 2014 for detailed report and views of other suppliers and printers around the world   - See more at:

Written by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director Weldon Celloplast Limited New Delhi India. December 2013.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Zircon grows in labels, it is Lord’s blessings!

Statue of Lord Shiva
T R Sondhi, a retired bureaucrat of government of India, is a God fearing man and an ardent follower of Lord Shiva! He is a dedicated family man and wanted his children to have proper education and get good jobs to lead a simple and comfortable life. His elder son Sanjeev was always very close to him but also gave him nightmares as he was growing up. Sanjeev a mediocre student at school did all the mischief’s that boys his age would indulge in and more. He would not do his home work attracting his teacher’s wrath and would bunk school to see movies. He would run away on the sly to not only watch Ram Leela, an Indian religious epic that is dramatized in colonies all around the country days before Diwali, but also acted as a religious character in them. When the news reached the modest T R Sondhi, he would lose his temper and Sanjeev was the recipient of punishments delivered in anger. In the western world such outburst by parents would attract legal implications but in India children have the heritage to accept it as love and compulsion of parent’s aspirations for their children to succeed in life. A worried father wondered what his son will become. As children grow into adolescence followed by teen years, they start to mellow down and start getting into a shell of their own. They are dreaming everything from fun to future. They look at successful people around and at people who did not succeed. As Sanjeev was finishing school he too was restless. He saw many boys not too far away from him in age leaving colleges and taking up jobs for Rupees 2000- 3000 per month. At that point in his life he made his first commitment and career promise to himself that he will never take up a job like that and for that amount in his life! He would work 18 hours a day to find success. His father, a worried mentor was unsure what further education his son should pursue. Sanjeev’s maternal uncle worked in Canada as an agricultural scientist and suggested to his brother in law T R Sondhi, to make Sanjeev study B.Sc Agriculture and thereafter he would help him get a job in Canada. Sanjeev took up the course despite the fact that his heart was not in that. He did have a technical and innovative trait in him. At home he would repair electric irons, pressure cooker and other appliances. He loved to work on gadgets hands-on. He realized that agriculture was not what he was made up for.  He carried on with his studies till either he made up his mind or the right opportunity came along. He completed his masters in Chemistry and then MBA.
Sanjeev was undecided and restless on what he should do to move on in life so to initiate his career he took up a medical representative’s job with Glaxo in Kanpur. He worked hard and as he had promised himself earlier, he worked long hours. His mother would say, “Your Dad was committed to his job and worked long hours, I used to wait for him every evening to come back from work and now it is the same with you working long hours, I have to wait for you” However still they never stopped him from pursuing his ambitions. He switched jobs for better prospects and moved from Glaxo to Lupin labs. A hard working Sanjeev was restless once again and wanted to move on and take up a job in foreign lands. His father and mentor T R Sondhi was a taskmaster but decided to support him. His only reservation was that his son should not go to Brazil because he felt the girls there would get to his son! Sanjeev left India in 1994. He travelled in South East Asia taking up various jobs making pharmaceutical product sales. Ten years down the line, Sanjeev realized he was stagnating, he realized his parents were missing him and were very possessive about him. Moreover he came to a conclusion that India now presented opportunities that did not exist before. He decided to quit all that he was doing at his last posting and returned to his homeland. On return Sanjeev was faced with a strange dilemma, he could not find a job that would compensate him with an amount similar to the one he was drawing at Singapore. He was not wanting,  to settle for less. His former employers wanted to start a grocery business in India and asked Sanjeev to head it. The business is something like modern day retail but delivered to home. The business appeared to succeed but yet again Sanjeev realized grocery and commodities was not his cup of tea. He wished to indulge in something in which there was technology involved and he would get a chance to test his creative skills.
After one year in 2004 Sanjeev started the bar-coding business, selling printers and
Sanjeev Sondhi
point of sales accessories and soon realized that equipment sales were erratic with lots of empty spaces in between and for regularity of business he needed to also include consumables like barcode labels in his portfolio and thus he came into labels in an indirect manner. Initially he was out-sourcing the labels from other label printing companies and later started to get them printed on job work by supplying them raw material that he would buy from Avery Dennison directly. By this time his father’s faith in Lord Shiva had completely rubbed on to Sanjeev and he too believes that he is doing what the Lord wills for him. His faith has become so strong that anyone meeting Sanjeev is not greeted with a good Morning or a Namaste or a plain Hello but by “Jai Bhole Ki” (Victory to Lord Shiva, lovingly referred to as Bhol’e).
The Zircon Dehradun Unit
Two years later the ambitious streak in Sanjeev made him restless yet again, He was growing in business slowly and steadily but the high growth that he had envisaged could not be sustained by producing just plain labels. He had to move forward to add more value to his offerings. He decided that he had to get into manufacture of labels himself, not just plain labels but printed and with special features. For inspiration he looked at profiles of other companies. He was highly impressed to note that a company like RR Donnelly could drive-in sales of 7 billion US dollars from printing business. He felt if they can do it, why I cannot attempt to achieve it. Obviously there is enough space in a growing market like India. He made his second commitment to himself that as a first step he has to reach a sale of 7 million US Dollars. With a target in mind to achieve, he started planning his label project. He was sure he could not tread the path to success with piecemeal approach. Unlike other entrants in labels who buy a small label press, add slitter/rewinder later, then plan a packaging arrangement and so on, Sanjeev planned to select the best and proven international equipments. All in one go. Most entrants first try and approach the pharma companies to reach their breakeven point with new investments, Zircon(as he decided to name his project) was lead on to attempt the more difficult and demanding FMCG consumer product labels. He was aware of the fact from day one that if he had to sell to large FMCG companies and multinationals, he will have to get his plant audited by them. He was not going to settle for something that would get his facility rejected. He was quite inexperienced in printing but the yearning to learn was prevalent and he acquired the knowledge quickly. People wondered how he will succeed when he asked them how many colours we need to print a picture. The interaction with industry suppliers and industry peers was helpful in the initial stages. In the year 2006 Zircon Technologies India Limited formally entered into the field of high-end printed product labels from their plant located at Dehradun in the state of Uttaranchal. Their first label press was an eight colour Mark Andy 2200 along with a Rotoflex/Rewinder/inspection system. He understood that for good printing, he needed good printing plates, so he sourced them from the best suppliers. To prove, that he was going to be ahead of others, at a time when the industry was using 1.7mm plates, on suggestion from DuPont he started with 1.14mm plates. The industry across the country was largely printing 133 LPI he started to print 175 LPI. Anilox is a very important part of the flexo printing process and to have a clean anilox is an imperative for the quality conscious printers. There are many in the industry, who clean their aniloxes manually using solvents but Sanjeev did not compromise and bought an Alphasonics anilox cleaner. He was a late entrant and had to stand up to the established players in the industry. He had to be suitably if not better equipped. Sanjeev’s startup had no time to fail and falter and then evolve. To be able get things right from day one he hired trained and experienced people. Understanding the need for meeting the challenge of operating in a distant location and facing a breakdown, even though all his equipment were new and under warranty, his second employee was a maintenance engineer who still works for him.  Zircon was in production from the word go. He himself was an experienced sales person so sales were also not difficult to generate. In 2007 with just one label press at that time the Zircon facility was audited and approved by 15 companies in India. No wonder when I asked him what was his first label and the difficulties faced in creating his first label, he had no answer. He faced no problem and no difficulty, the first label produced was well accepted by the customer and there has been no looking back.
Sanjeev & the new Omet-Varyflex at Dehradun
Thereafter Zircon has continued to upgrade, innovate and expand. They keep investing in new and modern equipments to achieve enhanced capabilities. For Sanjeev it has been and still continues to be a continuous learning process. He spends a lot of time in his lab and with his team in creating new products and innovations. When a new customer comes to Zircon besides offering to do their existing labels, Zircon commits themselves and their infrastructure to the customers need for up gradation and innovation. Sanjeev has in the last few years sharpened not only his manufacturing skills but his capability do create pioneering security and anti counterfeiting solutions. His technical excellence is evident; six years ago he started by printing 175LPI and now he claims to be one of the few companies around the world who print 230 LPI. He has applied for two global patents and four patents in India two of these patents have been published. Zircon has licensed four security design technologies to a company operating globally and located in Europe under royalty agreement.
They are India’s first Esko HD-Flexo certified Label Printing Company.  Zircon presently employs 250 people and operates with multiple label presses out of three plants occupying a covered area of 55000 square feet which is being expanded to 90000 square feet in the near future. Two of these plants are in Dehradun and one in Chennai. They have seven sales offices spread across India. They have complete prepress and plate making systems for letterpress and flexographic printing in-house from Esko and Flint. All three plants have fully equipped laboratories to assist them in research and development work. The icing on the cake came this year when Zircon acquired perhaps the largest label press in India a 430mm Omet Varyflex. It is a highly loaded press incorporating a combination of flexo and rotogravure printing technologies. The press has been built and configured to some proprietary web passes and attachments as per Sanjeev’s designs. It is a fully servo driven press having automatic registration control with facility to print back and front in a single pass. The press can print from 12 micron film to 600 micron board. With this press in operation Zircon has enhanced capabilities to produce not just labels but also shrink sleeves and folding cartons.
Sanjeev is satisfied that he has achieved both the commitments he made to himself. He never took a low paying job and he has surpassed the first goal of reaching the 7 million dollar sales. It is time to move ahead and he feels in five years he will be a total packaging solution provider catering to customer needs from labels, shrink sleeves, folding cartons, flexible packaging and micro flute monocartons. He intends to introduce security features in all packaging supplied by him ensuring a degree of protection to his customer’s brand as also driving value for the consumer who will buy the packaging along with the product. New plants will be coming up in Dehradun and west India ensuring a pan India presence and service to multi-location customers. He hopes to reach a level of Rupees 250- 300 crores in sales in five years time. Working at multiple locations and travelling all the time, takes a toll on one’s personal life. His wife Poonam has supported him all along. His mother feels first she used to wait for him now Poonam does that, however both have no complaints seeing the level of commitment he has towards his work. His only son Sanchay is pursuing Business management at Symbiosis Institute in NOIDA. The young lad is being mentored to become a leader but the father firmly believes Sanchay has to prove himself. A self made first generation entrepreneur Sanjeev Sondhi is only 44 years old and there is no plan of resting with his achievements. He is extremely grateful to his former employers, Industry friends, suppliers and Zirconians, as he calls his team. Without whose efforts neither the past was possible in a short span of six years nor can the future be achieved. Having said that he goes into a pensive mood he says, “My father put me on the road where God’s blessings come on their own…Jai Bhole Ki!”
Written by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director, Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi-110008 on 7th November, 2013

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anygraphics celebrates Silver Jubilee, honors employees!

This special feature is in addition to the earlier article on Kuldip Goel in August 2010, which can be read by visiting the link

Anygraphics Factory
Noida based Anygraphics lead by the father son duo Kuldip and Naveen Goel recently celebrated their 25th anniversary at their impressive and sprawling Noida facility. The company is an extremely innovative and quality conscious printer who has successfully deployed diverse printing and finishing processes to turn out award winning labels and packaging, year after year. At recently held Printweek India awards they were the recipient of the Label printer of the year award. They have also received the Fespa global award and the World label award by World Label Association for excellence in label printing.  They have capabilities in Screen Printing, Intermittent Rotary Letterpress Printing, Offset Printing, Doming, Digital, etc. Their recent creations, the Horlicks carton and the Sensodyne carton with lens effects have been extremely applauded by the customers and well received in the marketplace. The products have a very high shelf appeal. Kuldip is a designer who has sharpened his skills by daily spending hours in creating designs and innovations in labels packages over the past few decades. Even now when an idea erupts in his mind, you can see the twinkle in his eyes and the smile on his face tells his mind is on the go. He does not waste even a minute and calls his people in the design section to delivers his instructions initiating the process to create something new to present to his prospective customers. Another one of his creations, the fruit pack with pictures of fruits with natural effects and feel leaves the viewer in awe.

Kuldip Goel
The function to celebrate 25 years of Anygraphics had almost 250 invitees. They all had one thing in common; they were all employees of Anygraphics Private Limited! It was a unique way to celebrate. All old employees, who had spent more than five years with the company, were rewarded. The rewards depending on the tenure and extent of their contribution to the company were gifts that ranged from  silver coins, wrist watches, microwave ovens, gas stoves, Mobile phones, LCD TV’s, Refrigerators, etc. The auspicious lamp initiating the celebrations was lit by the senior employees of the company and thanks giving prayers were offered at the deity installed in the factory premises. The employees in return conferred upon Kuldip the lifetime achievement award. Lunch was served for the team Anygraphics. The management and workers were seen as one family.

The Anygraphics team
A nostalgic presentation was made by Naveen Goel about his father Kuldip Goel’s journey from his initiation in business as a 14 year old boy to the present 100000 square foot factory. The hard times and the tough journey left many eyes moist. Naveen has also prepared a small presentation which I had the pleasure to see. If at any time Naveen loads this presentation on the internet and it can be accessed, I will also provide a link on these pages. I have requested him to do so.
The pictures below in this feature will give the readers an idea of where he started from his first sale of stickers worth Rs.100.00(Less than 2 US Dollars) and to where he has reached.

 The very first one small room factory!

The next step!

The first building taken on rent.

The journey through various premises to the present 100000 square foot facility!
Congratulations Anygraphics! We wish that you reach many more successful landmarks like these in your journey in Print.
Written by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director, Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi-110008 on November, 2013


Sunday, October 27, 2013

A linerless impetus

Harveer Sahni, a label personality, engages with Tomas Rink, president, Ritrama Group and Tarcisio Scapinelli, president and CEO, ILTI – and decodes Core Linerless Solution technology.
Sahni, Scapinelli and Rink (l-r)
Harveer Sahni (HS): In this edition of Labelexpo Europe, Ritrama, ILTI, and Prati have successfully created a buzz with its Core Linerless Solution which offers to eliminate the liner wastage totally. How did the idea evolve?
Tomas Rink (TR): The idea of developing it came from my extensive debate last year with you; and then the consecutive discussion with Italian Labelling Technology Industry (ILTI). ILTI was doing some tests on substrates when Scapinelli expressed his wish to meet me and discuss something. He asked me: Why can’t we find a way out to eliminate the liner all together? That’s when I came up with the solution of developing a traditional material using traditional technology, which can be later converted into a linerless solution.
HS: Even for a labelstock manufacturer like me, the idea is fascinating. I find the idea so simple that it boggles me why nobody could come up with this solution earlier. You have eliminated the liner completely. Normally, one would print on a 50micron film and then laminate it with a 62gsm  liner and use it. However, here, the final labelstock face material is only 37micron instead of 50micron. The technology is, making a self adhesive laminate with a 25micron film and 12micron filmic liner in a conventional manner. This would then be printed at full speed on a normal label press. Then on, using a Prati equipment, the liner would be removed, turned-around and laminated to the same facestock exposing the siliconised side on top and rewound like an adhesive tape. The ILTI dispenser would cut and dispense these labels on to the product. So in effect, you are using a lesser thicknesss of face material, that is, 37micron instead of 50micron, which translates into lesser weight for each reel of labelstock and no liner going in the landfill.
Tarcisio Scapinelli (TS):The patented technology is simple yet intricate in application. In the Core Linerless Solution, once the facestock is printed, the liner is split and using a patented technology imposed as a laminate over the facestock to render a protective layer. The Prati machine for printing and converting as well as the dispensing machine from ILTI highlighted at the show were prototypes. 
HS: Just before dispensing it seems you use microperforation and use a gentle push-and-stick technique on the label before applying it on the package. But does micro-perforation offer a clear edge when slit with pressure technique?
TS: Yes, we microperforate the label. However, just before the label reaches the applicator it is slit using splicer that renders a clean edge to the label. Microperforation helps in the process and doesn’t slow down the machine. Since, both the liner-cum-laminate and the facestock are clear films, the need for die-cutting the labels is also eliminated. This means that the machine will enable printers to print one to 1.5-metre continuously and then slit it to finish it. Label printers will discontinue printing in smaller widths.  One of the limitations that restricted the length and speed was the die-cutting process. Core Linerless solution eliminates the need for die-cutting. It also means that there would be lesser machine stops, and in turn, higher productivity.
HS: Do you expect this technology to develop further? Also do you feel threatened that the technology can be adapted by other players since your technique is not very different from the traditional methods of labelstock manufacturing?
TR: It is a patented technology, especially the process of using the liner as an over-laminate. Therefore, any form of copying will be violation of the patent. As far as future development is concerned, every technology, including this, is open for development in future; that’s how they evolve. However, I do not see many changes in this technology.
HS: Although, the Indian label market is taking baby-steps in adoption of filmic labels, when do you expect your Core Linerless Technology to make inroads to India?
TR: We are working on finding a good pilot project to begin supplying this technology in India. We recently have found a Brazil paper and paperboard label printing company who has aligned with us for the pilot project. We do find India as an interesting market but investing in a good pilot project is something what is making us wait. 
HS: Around one-billion sq/metre of liner, ends as waste in India. Solutions like these would most certainly make a big impact. However, manufacturers like Ritrama should push the government to bring in legislation regarding this.
This Feature appeared in the 10 October 2013, Vol VI Issue 6 issue of PrintWeek India Magazine

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Labelexpo 2013 delivers! Global Label industry is rejoiced!

Euphoria built-up in the run-up to a historic Labelexpo-Europe 2013 in Brussels culminated in jubilation amongst printers attending the show. It was a show that delivered, exhibited positive vibes from day one. I predicted; it will be festival time for the global label industry and so it was! The show opened and we could sense the vibrations.  I personally feel if it starts well it will definitely end well. The show had an exceptionally focused audience from across the world and they all wished they had more time to see… That is a feeling with which shows need to end. The label community will come back to pick up from where they left and to acquire more knowledge and find the way forward. Indeed, Labelexpo 2013 turned out to be the greatest label show ever!” True to my terming it as “festival times” in my preshow write-up, label printers from across the world marked their presence at this premier global event in big numbers. It was almost a week full of friendship, fellowship and reunion of industry peers coming from remote destinations. They were seen
Grand Place
exchanging pleasantries and giving hugs to old friends at the show venue or at the “Grand Place” each evening where the visitors would go to chill-out and get a feeling of great times! Brussels was vibrating and the label industry left a stamp of approval for this unique label event. A committed industry that provides labels or the face for any product in terms of aesthetics and information, was there at Labelexpo to empower themselves with more knowledge, learn new developments and witness innovations to deliver more efficiently to their buyers. In the process they also renewed their international acquaintances and explored alliances. It was a festival in true spirit and was celebrated!

The show carried a tag line, “The greatest show on earth”. It lived up to expectations. It opened on the 24th of September 2013 to welcome an extremely vibrant visitor profile who were serious and got to work the moment they entered the show. It was perhaps the best opening that I have witnessed in the last 15 years. In just two hours we saw most of exhibitors busy and attending to inquisitive visitors. Lisa Milburn the new and young Managing Director of Labelexpo group should have been a worried person and a nervous one, on the opening day. Contrary to this she was seen confidently moving around the show and happy at the results. At the end being satisfied at the outcome, she commented,” We knew that we would have more new technology on show than ever before but to see it all live was actually astounding”. Group Managing Director, Douglas Emslie added to Lisa’s expression and said, “Labelexpo Europe yet again proved to be the global event for the industry”. Later in the evening on the opening day of the event the grand function, “Global label awards” was held at The Event Lounge in Brussels. The virtual who is who of the world label industry was present at the most important global event and provided the opportunity to network and exchange views with industry stalwarts. It was at this time that I met and could get an in-depth “India specific” view of Geoff Martin, Chairman and CEO of world’s largest label company CCL Label. The industry in India has for long looked at him with bated breath as to when he will invest and have been guessing who will be his strategic partner. Commenting on the show Geoff feels Labelexpo Europe has grown and needs to move on, he says, “Find a new venue….Brussels isn’t equipped to handle a show like this”. The global awards evening is a very important event for the pressure sensitive narrow web label industry. The evening’s impressive entertainer was mind reader Lior Manor, while he was on stage I kept thinking they were just visual tricks that he was performing but then suddenly he was at our table. He took a lady’s spectacles and put them on the table. Then he just waived his hands over them and the spectacles tossed over. Amazing as it was, we were trying the trick all evening without success. The star that evening was Tomas Rink, President of Ritrama who
Tomas Rink, Harveer Sahni and Dean Scarborough
won the Lifetime achievement award for services rendered and milestones accomplished in his lifetime in the label industry. Dean Scarborough Chairman, President and Global CEO of Avery Dennison and I took pleasure in being some of the first ones to congratulate Tom. All award winners are important but in today’s time conscious efforts for the environment protection, sustainability and leaving a planet livable for the generations that follow us are, definitely imperatives that need to be appreciated and awarded. In words of Dean, whose company Avery won the sustainability award, “I was very pleased that Avery Dennison won the sustainability award for the second year in a row.  It was the capstone for the launch of our second sustainability report during the show.  Our customers really liked the theme of sustainable innovation.” The evening had a very
Lisa Milburn singing and Andy Thomas on keyboard
interesting feature; the “Tarsus team band” went live onstage with group managing editor of Labels and Labeling magazine Andy Thomas on the keyboards. Adding to the fun for the sheer pleasure and surprise of the august audience, the charming new Managing Director of Labelexpo group Lisa Milburn was on the microphone as the singer leading the orchestra!

On day two and three, the show was all serious business. Innovations and improvements in technologies were being presented to an audience with a voracious appetite for learning more. Tom Rink lead Ritrama, showcased their new innovation a linerless label material. The simplicity of the product left even me as a labelstock manufacturer quite fascinated. I found the idea so simple that it boggles me why nobody could come up with this solution earlier. They have eliminated the liner completely. Normally, one would print on a 50micron film and then laminate it with a 62 GSM liner and use it. However, here, the final labelstock face material is only 37micron instead of 50 micron. The technology is in making a self adhesive laminate with a 25 micron film and 12 micron filmic liner in a conventional manner. This would then be printed at full machine speed of about 200 meters per minute on a normal label press. Then offline on a Prati equipment the liner would be removed turned around and laminated to the same face stock exposing the siliconised side on top and rewound like an adhesive tape, sandwiching the printing in between. The ILTI dispenser would cut and dispense these labels on to the product. So in per se, the self adhesive laminate is using a lesser total thickness of face material i.e. 37 micron instead of 50 micron which means lesser weight for each reel of labelstock and no liner is going to the landfill. This also translates into more labels per reel and lesser machine stops. An ecstatic Tom Rinks stated, “" Labelexpo 2013 is a very special one for me and the greatest ever for Ritrama always in the lead". This does not really mean the conventional labelstocks will lose out, all technologies will coexist.
Montreal based ETI converting also has presented their unique equipment an ultra compact Cohesio called the Mini-Cohesio. This servo driven in-line silicone and adhesive coating technology uses less space, a shorter web path, a faster setup and is more affordable. A beaming Maxime Bayzelon President ETI says, “It was a very big hit! People were very impressed by our New Pellicut die-cutting unit and Mini Cohesio that enables to produce and die-cut label on 18 micron PET with more than 30% savings!!!” 

Leading press manufacturers seemed to be a very satisfied lot at this edition of Labelexpo. Ferdinand Ruesch of Gallus said, “Once more Labelexpo Europe was the melting point of the label industry for four days and proved itself as the number one exhibition worldwide and a must-see for every label printer. For Gallus it was an excellent show.” Peter Erickson of Nilpeter expressed his satisfaction at the results
Peter Ericksen
from the expo, “For Nilpeter, the 2013 Labelexpo has been the best for years. Our industry is back to being driven by a general optimism for the future and a renewed focus on innovation.” Marco Calcagni at Omet summed up his expression at the end of the show, “Labelexpo Europe closed its doors and it is time to take stock. The Show was great for OMET which experienced true interest from the public in its most recent innovations and could sign a few orders
Right to left:Antonio Bartesaghi President Omet ,
Sanjeev Sondhi Zircon, Paolo Grasso Omet,
Pawandeep Sahni Weldon,
KD Sahni Weldon
during the exhibition days. “Tapio Kolunsarka, Executive Vice President UPM Raflatac, exuded similar sentiments, “Very busy week – it seems that there is more activity in the industry than what has been for a while”. Spanish flexible die manufacturer Lartec who exhibited, besides their regular range, their innovative range of Debossing, Texturing and Micro-Text dies says the show was an outstanding success, generating a frenzy of interest amongst label printers, paper and machine manufacturers. It was the best ever for them. The fourth and last day at the exhibition is always very confusing, there are some in a hurry to catch up what they missed, others trying to meet friends whom they did not see due to busy schedule and then those who are waiting to start packing and go home. The general impression around the whole event was that the show was the best ever.

The international media too was extremely busy. I took a detour just to visit all the media stands at the show and was surprised to note they were empty most of the time. When I met a few of them they all expressed paucity of time as they were running out of time at the large number of press conferences and events that they were under pressure to cover. For this reason I avoid covering detailed technical information on the new materials, machines and processes in this write-up as most magazines will be covering all that. I will here like to mention the Omni-present two Indian journalists from Printweek India Noel and Supreeth, I was stunned by their stamina and drive to cover all details and report them each day online. Neel Madsen of Flexo Tech UK said we were extremely busy and had no time to attend our booth. Steve Katz of Label and Narrow Web USA sums it up as, “This year's Labelexpo was a high energy show, with exhibitors reporting substantial traffic and motivated buyers.
Wolfgang Klos Geiger
Supplier highlights included inkjet innovation, sustainable substrates and even linerless workflow solutions." Wolfgang Klos Geiger and wife Jutta, played host as usual to leading printers and suppliers at their stand each evening right from the day before the show opened till the breakdown commenced at the end of the show. International Label Guru Mike Fairley must be saluted for his vigour and indulgence in this prime label event. He was as usual busy with his master classes, lectures, demos, events and interviews. His contribution to the industry is par excellence and applaudable. His comments on the show are, “This was the most outstanding Labelexpo show ever in terms of number of exhibitors, visitor attendance and special attractions.”
The suppliers to the label industry are the backbone of any successful industry event as they are the ones who bring in the funds to create an event of such size and market it effectively. However still it is the Label Printers who are the reason for the suppliers to invest and be effectively present with their top management. The show has demonstrated its importance in real terms. 31795 visitors attended which is over 11% more than the last show. They came from 158 countries, up from 123 countries in 2011. The show was spread over in seven halls covering a floor space admeasuring 31000 square Meters which is the largest in Labelexpo Europe’s 33 year history. The number of exhibitors has also grown to almost 600 up from 550 in the last event, demonstrating the confidence level of the exhibitors and the importance of the show. Tarsus reports an incredible 86% rebooking of the space for the next 2015 show! Label printers from across the globe also expressed their satisfaction from this event. Isidore Leiser of Stratus Packaging says, “It was a very interesting and exciting Label expo.” Swedish printer Mikael Dahl from Nordvalls found new LED UV, digital printing and laser die-cutting very exciting developments and can hardly wait for the next show. He further adds, “The show with different great evening events on the side was as usual great and impressive. It was nice meeting and chatting with colleagues and suppliers from all over the globe.”  The show was good but then when you have such a large congregation of a focused industry groups there also have to be some who wish there was more. Thomas
Thomas Hagmaier
Hagmaier, the West German label printer, member of FINAT board and also the chairman of membership committee feels, “The show was great as expected, a lot of advancement was to be found, but I missed the big gathering, the thru-break of innovations.” Thomas may have been talking about the expected big innovations and sensational announcements by conventional press suppliers. News that would eventually lead to further evolution of the self adhesive label industry in times to come. Zulqiurnain Ali Khan of Zultec, Saudi Arabia said, “It is a good, very focused and informative show, good learning for us to decide on our future plans. Pleasure meeting business friends from around the world and understanding different market trends”.  

 FINAT the world label association was this time very active and their contribution to sustainability and environment is worth appreciation. They held luncheon sessions on these subjects for the benefits of members. The membership drive also got a boost with FINAT enrolling many new members. FINAT President Kurt Walker commented, “Labelexpo Europe is always an inspiration for me, and it's great to be here in Brussels experiencing the best of my favourite industry. The world is changing in many ways, and FINAT knows that the label industry's future success depends on understanding changing needs, communicating them, meeting them, and always being ahead of the game.” FINAT has been actively promoting the involvement of the generation next in the day to day affairs of the industry and association. The FINAT young managers club (YMC) is becoming more and more active; I was pleased to notice that the next generation is steadily getting into driving seat. Bibiana of Rotatek, Fransesca Egea, Pawandeep Sahni of Weldon and Finat YMC Board President

Dana Kilarska president FINAT YMC Board

Dana Kilarska all were very visible by their energy and movements around the various halls. Dana wrote back to me and she says, “I have experienced amazing atmosphere and gained new knowledge about our industry.” She adds further, “These four days full of positive impressions are the greatest four days in our industry!”


As regards Indian participation is concerned, it is indeed strange. Given the currency problems in India resulting in a weak Rupee it was expected that the Indian presence will decline. While at the show even I felt that there were fewer Indians then last time. In the last show we could find a lot of Indians visibly moving around the halls but this time all felt they were lesser in number and the reason was not difficult to imagine. When the figures came out I was stunned! Almost same number of Indian visited the Labelexpo Europe. In 2011 the figure was 429 and this year the figure was just about that much at 421. I wonder why they were not visible. I have dwelled on the subject and finally I feel that the only explanation that I can come out with is that they were perhaps the busiest lot in discussions with prospective suppliers. If this is true, we can expect a much needed investments and increase in capacity to enhance growth in the Indian label industry. Our LMAI secretary Ramesh Deshpande was busy escorting the officials of the ministry of MSME Government of India to all Indian exhibitors’ stands in an effort to get them the subsidy that is available to the industry by the Government. His efforts are appreciated. This time a total of seventeen, the highest number of Indian companies ever, exhibited. While Sanjeev Sondhi of Zircon says that a busy schedule at Brussels left him wishing there was more time. He missed important meetings. Chandan Khanna of Ajanta Packaging with multinational presence said, “Great time spent, meeting friends from all over the world and watching innovations and improvements in the art of printing labels. It keeps getting better every two years. Time well enjoyed. It is fantastic learning for future expansions.” Kuldeep Goel a stickler for innovation feels it was an imperative to be a visitor to this important show. Our lone Indian label Press manufacturer to exhibit at Brussels Amit Ahuja says, “Fantastic response, closed an order and 6 more expected shortly”! Lablestock manufacturer SMI had put up an impressive stand and they have been very busy. Weldon exhibited their tamper evident range of labelstocks and A4 Laser labels. Other important Indians that I met or saw were Amar Chhajed of Webtech, Gururaj of Wintek (ITW), Hemanth Paruchuri of Pragati, Dinesh Mahajan of Prakash Labels, Ajay Agarwal of Syndicate labels, Rajesh Nema of Pragati Global, Manish Desai of Mudrika, Mahendra Shah of Renault, and a host of others.
The Indian contingent with Sandeep Lal of
Metro Labels Toronto, Canada

Evenings at Brussels during this event are spent in restaurants and lanes in and around Grand Place. Most of the old international friends are found while walking around in this area. There are parties organized by many exhibitors leaving visitors busy also in the evening. For the last eight years we have always been hiring the same ground floor apartment in Grand Place area so that my friends can walk in for a drink and also get a taste of my culinary indulgence.
Sanjeev Sondhi, Tempering the lentils (Daal)

This year I am pleased to say, the party grew bigger and the fun side added to the pleasure of fellowship amongst industry peers. In words of my dear friend Sandeep Lal President of Metro Labels, Toronto, Canada, “The best part of my trip to Label Expo was the evening I hung out with the Indian Contingent at Harveer’s apartment. Thank you Harveer for making that possible.” I thank my friends for being with me...

Written by Harveer Singh Sahni, Managing Director, Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi, India October 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Labelexpo-Europe 2013: It is festival time!

70% 0f the world’s population is either Christians (32%) or Muslims (23%) or Hindus (15%). It is a strange fact that for all these 70% people, it is in the last 3-4 months of a calendar year that they are in a state of bliss, elation or jubilation! It is the peak festival time for all these three religions. Christmas, Eid and Diwali are all celebrated with indulgence and fervor. As the year, nears this time; expectancy, euphoria, partying and celebration is on minds of all, young and old. Another relatively young religion as I term it, “The global label fraternity”, also gets into the celebration mode during this time of the year, though this happens once in two years. It is a time when the Label industry gets ready to celebrate their biggest festival or their biggest industry event, “Labelexpo Europe” at Brussels. The industry constituents around the world look forward to this event not only as a platform for knowledge but also a time to network, celebrate and party with industry peers around the world, giving credibility to the saying, “The world is round so that friendship may encircle it!”. Months ahead of the show people start to plan their visit and their programme. It is definitely comparable to the involvement of people in festivals mentioned above, the spirit of celebration is evident. In an effort to put together the industry sentiments, I wrote to industry leaders around the world to express how they feel about this event and what they expect, the kind of response I got is amazing! I wrote to label printers and industry suppliers and almost all either responded or while I write, their responses are still pouring in, I hope I can do justice and mention their responses. Over 60 people have written back already!
Dean Scarborogh
Dean Scarborough, Chairman, President and CEO of Avery Dennison Corporation, a fortune 500 company with sales close to 7 billion US Dollars, wrote back conveying the importance of this global event. In just a few words he has emphasized Avery’s commitment to the event and to the imperative changes facing the industry. He says, “We have exhibited in every Labelexpo since the beginning.  Our booth theme is sustainable innovation and will feature many new products that will enable customers to expand their business, just as we have for the past few years.” Jussi Vanhanen, President UPM Raflatac, who has recently resigned from this designation to pursue personal literary aspirations and handed over charge to Tapio Kolunsarka, says, “It is a show that we will never like to miss” he further adds that they will exhibit, thinner and more sustainable standard labelstock products and their industry-leading environmental services along with a number of new specialty labelstock constructions for variety of end-uses. Tomas Rink, President Ritrama Group, the recipient of the 2013 R. Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award expressed an innovative idea to enhance the value of this august event, “Labelexpo Europe is the greatest show on earth as far as our industry is concerned and that we should spend our moneys to sponsor foreigners to visit this show (cheaper flights and accommodations, less problems with Visas etc…)” He further adds that Ritrama is exhibiting at the show with an important presence and will be presenting their very big range of paper and filmic PSA products. Linerless labelstocks will be an innovative exhibit from them.

The equipment suppliers are the backbone of every successful print show, evolution in technology happens with need for new equipment to implement the innovation of those taking the power to print to another level. The inherent necessity of the equipment suppliers to present their creations to printers around the world needs a platform to showcase their wares. The platform needs to be such that it attracts the global label industry to a single event making it worthwhile for them to witness the change taking place, all at one venue where all the leaders, peers and suppliers are present. Labelexpo provides the possibilities that nurture these needs and no wonder the equipment suppliers are the biggest financial support to such an event. Label press suppliers, lead the exhibitors team from the front and they are committed. Peter Eriksen, Chief Operating Officer of Nilpeter A/S headquartered in Denmark says, “ Nilpeter is always excited about going to the Labelexpo. It is not only a perfect chance to showcase our newest technology, but also an opportunity to meet rest of the industry players. Nilpeter is a long-term key supplier to the printing industry, it is our "duty" to bring new innovation to the Labelexpo show - and contribute to making it the greatest label show on earth!” Marco Calcagni, Sales Director Omet Srl Italy informs that they will showcase their Xflex X6 in a combination of flexo and offset with sleeve technology and that it is indeed the best show on earth to exhibit such innovations. However he feels that to present innovation in the right perspective and to make the desired impact, the show should be held at 3-4 years duration. An interesting advice to the label printers comes from Federico d’Annunzio Managing Director Nouva Gidue Italy, “At Labelexpo Europe the strategies of the whole Label Industry are defined. New trends, new technologies, and the future of our industry are there. Be there as a supplier or as a converter or as an active member of the Label industry and you will be preparing for a meaningful growth of your company.” Bibiana Rodriguez Managing Director ROTATEK Spain reaffirms her commitment, “We will have the same stand as last edition and we will exhibit this time 3 machines, 2 models for a worldwide presentation!”
I could not get the personal comments of Ferdinand ‘RĂ¼esch of Gallus who showcase
Mary Sullivan
benefits of combining digital and conventional printing with Gallus equipment displayed at Labelexpo as he wrote back to say he was travelling. Mark Andy another important and prominent supporter of this event will present several flexo printing solutions including the Performance Series P3 and P5 narrow-web presses at Labelexpo Europe 2013. Mary Sullivan Director Marketing, Mark Andy further adds, "We will also showcase new technology like LED as well as a new version of a mid-web press called Versamax".   No printing event in present times is complete without display of digital printing technologies. Leading from the front in this segment HP has a special hall, all for themselves! When asked if this really was the biggest show on earth, WW Business Development Manager, Labels and Packaging,  Hewlett-Packard Indigo, Christian Menegon says, “I have not been on other planets to be able to compare, but with what I know and have seen, where else can you get all the label industry gathered?” HP will also display not only complete solutions for digital printing of labels, from design to finished product, but also what label converters can think about in terms of business extension to move towards packaging.”
David Jones
As no marriage is complete without either of the partners being there and active in participation, similarly any equipment has no real value till proper finishing equipment is there. The product has finally to land up at the customer’s shop floor in a state that they can immediately put it to its intended use. It thus becomes necessary to invest in ancillary finishing equipment that enhances the value of the product created on the state of art label presses. These equipment suppliers also are an important part of Labelexpo. Anilox rolls being clean to deliver the correct quantity of ink to the plate is imperative for good printing and for this the anilox cleaning equipment is also an emergent need. David Jones owner of Alphasonics agrees to the fact that the status of Labelexpo, is supreme. He will present his anilox cleaners, a parts washer, a water recycling system and a hand applied chemistry applicator. All of the anilox cleaners have gone through a complete overhaul and now include chemical resistant membrane keypads and lcd displays, but the real improvements are in their new active cavitation technology, which greatly speeds up the whole operation. Vetaphone will exhibit a variety of their VE1A-treater stations and iCorona generators for narrow web. Nicolai Bisguard from the company states, "it is a good exhibition that gives us an opportunity to meet with end-users and especially OEM customers. It is important for us to be present and support our OEMs". As end-user customers of labels get more and more quality conscious and impress upon suppliers to supply 100% defect free labels, it has become a dire need for organized label printing companies to invest in high-end slitter rewinders with defect detection systems on them. Two of the leading suppliers in this category Marco Aengenvoort of Rotocontrol Germany and Chiara Prati of Prati Company Italy responded.

Chiara Prati asserts, “Labelexpo Europe is an exceptional stage
where the elite of label industry worldwide is present” Prati will showcase their STARplus off-line turret as an alternative solution to the traditional slitter/rewinders. It works in-line with any printing and converting machine. The Company will also be making its official entry into the packaging sector with the brand new ALHENA IML series, in one of its most advanced segments: In-Mould-Labelling. According to Marco Aengenvoort of Rotocontrol “it is the main tradeshow we invest in” Rotocontrol will unveil it’s the new DT340FC digital finishing line featuring an automatic knife positioning system and an integrated fully-automatic 4-spindle turret. Also demonstrated will be the DSP340 pharmaceutical inspection machine, the P440S high-speed die cutting machine, the P340 basic high speed slitter, and the company’s flagship RSC 340 high-speed slitter including a 100% inspection system. Innovation and technical up gradation so as to reduce waste, protect the environment and achieve faster production to attain economies of scale, are imperatives for evolution of any product. Montreal, Canada based ETI converting has been in the forefront in developing the liner less self adhesive label technology. ETI will be showcasing its Mini-Cohesio, a servo driven in-line coating technology using 50% less space with 30% shorter web path  and a faster setup time. This innovative technology is ideal to convert an unsupported pre-printed film or paper into finished labels. The 330 mm (13``) web width press with the Pellicut technology enables die-cutting on extremely thin release liners. Also on show will be pre-printed shampoo label being silicone and adhesive coated, as well as die-cut on an 18 microns (0.75 mil) PET liner being converted in one manufacturing process from raw material to finished product at a speed of up to 150 meters per minute (500 fpm). Lars beck President, Kocher + Beck informs that his company will display three new versions of our adjustable anvil cylinder “GapMaster”, “TecScreen“ material and universal use screen mounting tower. He further expresses, “Increasing number of Label shows makes products expensive. As the complete supply chain is suffering from price increases, shows need to be reinvented.” Raul Sylvestre of Lartec says we will display our full existing range. The show he says, is actually the only one worth spending money on. Peter Henderson of Esko responded, "Labelexpo is in my opinion one of the best shows I have attended, one location that is totally dedicated to labels, this is the show that not only reconfirms customers buying decision, but is the footprint for technology in the coming years, it's everything in Labels covering the entire process from consumables to digital to conventional.”
John Hickey

The ultimate test of strength of any show is the visitors, the label printers who are the buyers of what the exhibitors have to offer. The quality and number of visitors decides the importance or success of a print show. At labelexpo it is no different. The show continues to attract the global label fraternity to its showings on an ongoing basis. Printers come from all corners of the world. John Hickey, CEO of the 135 years old Smyth Companies, one of the largest label producers in North America has his focus on digital technologies besides other things at the show, he wrote” Brussels’ show always seems to lead the pack for product introductions amongst Label Expos” The growing interest in digital technologies is reinforced by Sandeep Lal President of another one of North America’s largest label printing companies, Toronto Canada based Metro Label Company. However he would like to comment on whether Labelexpo-Europe is actually the largest on Earth, after he has visited the event. Mikael Dahl, VP/Technical Director, Co-owner AB W.H. Nordvall & Co. Sweden will spend all the days at the show. His interest lies in digital and offset printing equipment and evaluating how as leading label converter they can add value to present business, extending product portfolio to production of flexibles, tubes and carton products. Commenting on the show tagline he says, “Absolutely, the one and only show! It is a pleasure meeting/networking with colleagues and all nice people who join up on this great event, a chance we shouldn´t miss out!” Roland Schreiner, President and CEO of Munich Germany based 130 million Euro Schreiner group agrees to the importance of this show. He expresses “It is always very interesting to see the latest trends and technologies of our industry, especially in digital printing. Besides this, it is very enjoyable to meet the colleagues from all over the world and discuss about the current situation as well as the future.” Nimeesh Lilani of Pacman-CCL Group Dubai defines the show as an “amalgam of the label industry” They look forward to meeting suppliers who normally do not visit their region. Karachi, Pakistan based Hanif Usman from AG-GiGi (PVT) Ltd does not agree this is the largest show however he did not mention what other show he held in comparison. He will look for technologies to produce neck labels. Tehran Iran based Ahmad Kavoosi of Parsian Labeling has a voracious appetite for knowledge and will visit to satisfy that urge. He also looks forward to meet his global label family at Brussels. Sathis Abeywickrama Managing Director Flexiprint Srilanka will visit to look for innovations. Manoj Garg of Gulfscan Sharjah UAE has networking in focus besides new technology upgradation. He feels UAE printers can cater to the growing markets more effectively. Zulqiurnain Ali Khan CEO of Jeddah Saudi Arabia head quartered, Zultecgroup with presence at 22 locations worldwide will be looking for New Presses, Inspection Systems, Auto Turret Rewinders, and Software for Costing and Production.  He feels, “It is a good and informative show.” Ageing is a process that we have to accept as an eventuality and transition of power to the generation next or to a younger and more effective management is a part of commitment that all passionate business persons have towards their business ventures. Last year my friend Helmut Schreiner handed over the reins of the Schreiner Group to his son Roland Schreiner. Now while I was reviewing the responses I came across one from my Australian friend, Allan Dabschek of Austab, he wrote “I am formally retiring from Austab Labels Pty Ltd on 2nd September 2013 after 45 years as the principal. I am not planning to go to Label Expo this year as per settlement and change of ownership etc of the company. Yes it is the Greatest Label Show on the face of our tiny planet. Have a great time when you are there”. Allan has been a regular visitor to all labelexpos, I feel sad I will not see my friend this year at this show.

As regards the Indian presence at Labelexpo Europe, it has steadily grown in the last
Amit Ahuja
eight years. It is a matter of pride for me that my company, Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi was the only Indian exhibitor at the 2005 edition of this event. My colleagues in the industry rightfully picked up the lead and the no. of exhibitors have grown steadily to reach 16 exhibitors this year. Weldon will exhibit yet again through their stationery and manufacturing division. The Indian offering is a complete and diverse mix from equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and tooling suppliers. Indian press manufacturer Multitec will be exhibiting for the second time with a running press, the only Indian press manufacturer to have endeavored to do so. Amit Ahuja Director Multitec informs they will exhibit their
Ecoflex VSi, 6 colour press with rail system having cold foil, turn-bar and a newly developed delam-relam system. Leading India film supplier Cosmo films will display top coated BOPP films for PS Labelstock. Clear, white opaque and metalized variances are available in this category. Also available are direct thermal printable, thermal transfer printable, Linerless HP Indigo digital printable and coated BOPP films.  First time exhibitor Anuj Bhargava of Kumar labels says “We shall display our offline re-register rotary die-cutting machine. This is possibly the world’s most compact machine and first ever from India.” Labelstock producer Ajay Mehta Managing Director SMI coated products private limited, Mumbai who will exhibit their entire range, says “There is something in the air, at the Label Show, Brussels which justifies it to be the greatest Label Show on Earth. The vibrancy at the show is amazing and the industry across the world gets together here.” A large number of Indian visitors are expected at Brussels. Many Label printers have responded with similar comments. Narendra Paruchuri heading Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd Hyderabad sums it all in these words” At these shows we never look for anything in particular. This is a good platform for launch of new technologies and we can see, assimilate and guesstimate where and how we can use the technology. I tend to agree with that tag line and that seems to be the reason why like Drupa, most companies would like to have their technologies debut here at LabelExpo.” Leading label printers who responded similarly include Amar Chhajed of Webtech Mumbai, Gururaj Ballarwad of Wintek (ITW) Bangalore, Kuldip Goel Anygraphics Noida, Rajesh Nema Pragati Graphics Indore, Dinesh Mahajan Prakash Labels Noida, Mahendra Shah of Renault Paper Palghar and Ramesh Deshpande Renu Prints Aurangabad. There are others like Jigesh Dani of Maharshi Labels in Ahmedabad who are more specific in their focus to visit Labelexpo and with purchase intentions on their minds. Chandan Khanna heading Ajanta Packaging with production facilities at Daman, Baddi and Sharjah (UAE) surprised all at labelexpo Brussels a few years ago by buying two label presses in one go. When I called him to ask he laughed and says, “Wait for surprises.”
Douglas Emslie

The preview or the review would not be complete without understanding the vision and indulgence of the organizers of this show.  I quote Douglas Emslie, Group Managing Director of Tarsus who own the labelexpo group, “The vision is very simple – to continue offering the best possible show for visitors and exhibitors alike. 2013’s edition will be the largest ever in our 33 year history. We are committed to ensure that we continue to deliver the best content possible. We are in a very strong position when it comes to understanding and addressing what is going on with global and more localized trends in the label and package printing industry. This knowledge is put to the most helpful, relevant and beneficial use it can be for our show visitors and delegates.” When asked about adding more to the fun part for the visitors, he says “Labelexpo Europe is definitely about working hard and playing hard! I always feel that Labelexpo takes over Brussels when the show is on there. What started out as a small, specialist niche event for the label sector in 1980 has become one of the biggest brands in the exhibition world because it has remained true and in sync with its audience. Labelexpo has and always will be entirely focused on the needs of label and package printers rather than the wider commercial print industry.”

At this time I would like to also mention the efforts of Finat The worldwide trade
Jules Lejuene
association for the self-adhesive labeling and adjacent industries based in The Hague, Netherlands. The association has been in existence for over 50 years. One of the aims of FINAT from its foundation has been to develop, promote and defend the interests of self-adhesive labeling. This mission has been part of the FINAT articles of Association and no doubt was the explicit wish of the founding fathers in the late 1950s. Over the last 50 years FINAT has done a lot to achieve these aims. Jules Lejeune Managing Director Finat communicates to inform the label industry “As always, FINAT, as the co-hosting partner of Labelexpo Europe will have a prominent hospitality stand in Hall 11 (P40), where members are welcome for refreshments and to use it as meeting point for discussions with fellow members. FINAT’s staff and volunteer leaders will take turns to welcome visitors and inform them about the benefits of FINAT membership, and the added benefits of active participation in committees, projects and events. We will also have a small meeting room that subject to availability can be reserved for limited time slots. At the stand there will be permanent exhibition of winning labels. As at previous occasions, there will be a separate Recycling Desk where label printers and users of labels can learn about the different recovery and recycling programmes for liners and matrix materials across Europe. As special features, each day FINAT will host a special interest session at its stand. Hosts confirmed for these sessions are Tony White (Design & Print), Calvin Frost (liner and matrix recycling) and on the use of FINAT Test Methods. Another special programme (at the Expo conference centre) is a yet to be confirmed industry dialogue lunch session with a leading brand owner on Friday 24 September. Finally, the YMC will be present to welcome future leaders to FINAT.
Isidore leiser
It is a tremendous response and we can expect a great show. The excitement of meeting the industry colleagues is building up and four days of learning, networking and partying will leave nostalgic memories that will last for a long time and linger-on much after the show. One of the best responses to my questions came from my long time friend Isidore Leiser heading the STRATUS group France, listed amongst European leaders in the printed label manufacturing field, with 240 people and a turn-over of 37 Million Euros. Isidore, wrote “Sure I wouldn't want to miss visiting Labelexpo, it is like going the the toy store for a little kid and as for Innovation- I look for new answers to our customers in an increasing competitive market.” The final remark was extremely outstanding! "It is the best show in the world I have been to the Labelexpo show in four other places in the world. Brussels is still by far the most complete and interesting show in the world… and, I absolutely want to see Harveer again.”
Written by Harveer Singh Sahni, Managing Director, Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi, India August 2013