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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The life of a label-II

A close look into label creation and development

India • In part one of this series of articles author Harveer Sahni referred to the general importance of labels. Part two deals with the imperative, that the label design has to be a parallel creation when the package is being designed.
Labels for toiletries have 
to face harsh and diverse 
conditions like cold and hot 
water, humid and hot environment
and soap.
In earlier times one would decide on a container depending on the product being a liquid, powder or a product. If it had to be a bottle, it would either be glass or plastic and then the shape would be considered. For cost effectiveness some products would go into printed or unprinted LDPE or PP bags. If the product is a solid one, it would probably end up in a paper based package like a carton.
A bottle would get a simple screw-on cap and then the rectangular label would be separately designed to adorn the package. The labeled bottle would again go into a mono carton and then into a corrugated carton. While the basics appear the same, modern day technological mindsets have undergone a sea change on how to go about creating a package and its labels. Now extensive brainstorming is completed before creating primary packaging addressing issues such as product chemistry, its construction, shelf life, usage, lifespan, aesthetics, convenience of product delivery from the package, product decoration on the label, communication capability of the label with the consumer with ease and value building for the brand. This also includes its enhancement, protection and  authentication, security features, pricing information, manufacturing/expiry dates, bar coding, etc.  With evolution, growth of consumerism and increased retail selling, packaging waste is also now generated in gigantic quantities. So for this reason in addition to the above considerations, the recyclability, waste disposal and sustainability have to be kept in mind at every stage of package design.

This article was exclusively written by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi India for Narrow WebTech Germany. The article should not be used or published without the permission of Narrow WebTech Germany.

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