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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Label printing in India: Digital has to wait a while!

India has been termed as perhaps the fastest growing market for printed products in the world. According to the NPES/PRIMIR World Wide Market for Print study, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, “the size of India’s print market will be USD 29.3 billion in 2017 up from USD 24.3 billion in 2014. Print market growth in India has slowed down since the global financial crisis, but the market will continue to grow over the period through 2017; total print product revenues in India will grow at 6.8% annually through 2017”.
 Digital printing accounts for 15% of all printed products globally. However, as for India, given the late start and slower adoption of new and fast changing technologies by the cautious print fraternity, even if we make a moderate estimate, the market size for all the digital printed products should be within USD 3-4 billion. This is my personal estimation but if I take predictions and estimation of industry leaders, it appears to be relatively accurate. Pankaj Kalra of Xerox stated in 2012, that “the size of the digital printing market is estimated at USD 1.5 billion now and is expected to grow to USD 2.5 billion by 2012-13”, clocking a whopping 70% growth! The packaging and label segment account for over 40% of the total printed products in India and the segment is growing at 15% against a global growth rate of 5%.

Middle class and cultural diversity as growth drivers
Most of the growth is expected or is coming out of the bulging middle class in India. It is a consumer

segment that is turning out a literate and young workforce with disposable income and a long residual working life indicating stability. This young workforce is exposed to the internet and wishes to indulge in modern day retail spending, driving amazing demands for consumer products and also for labels and packaging.
India is a large country having a population with diverse cultures and religions. In addition, similarly different cultures have different festivals. Retail marketing professionals are formulating ways to tap the selling opportunities such occasions offer. It is at this time customized short runs become the need of the hour. The print on demand capabilities of digital printing provides the perfect solution to such requirements. Consumer product companies can offer limited edition packs with regional festival branding. It is one such example of things that are driving that tremendous growth into digital printing in India.

The impact of digital printing
While digital printing has made its impact in the Indian sheet fed printing arena, yet it still does not have many takers in the narrow web label printing. Most of the established offset printers have more or less enabled themselves with digital capabilities for not just proofing but also to cater to their customers who need short run jobs. Otherwise customers would start looking elsewhere to get short runs done. Customer retention is a very important requisite for successful print firms with large capital investments. They cannot afford their customers to go to other printers for short runs as this way they are liable to lose their bulk business as well.
The reason for small digital printing companies for sheet-fed mushrooming all over the country is that most of the large offset printers are still focused on their high volume customers and they acquire some digital capabilities to address the needs of existing customers. The smaller consumers needing just the short runs, have created a demand to cater to this need, small digital printing outfits have come up in colonies and markets in all big cities in India.
I believe sooner or later the bigger players in the organized segment will indulge in tapping this market in an organized manner offering services at the smaller customer’s door step on demand. Obviously these are game changing times and that is what makes the Indian printing stalwarts go on the defensive. The sheer ever changing and evolving nature of electronic technologies makes them apprehensive. They fear their equipment will become obsolete before they can say they got their return on the investment.

Personalities interviewed;
Narendra Paruchuri-PragatiPack Hyderabad
Gautam Kothari- Skanem Interlabels Mumbai

Rajesh Nema, Pragati, Indore

Amar Chhajed- Webtech Labels, Mumbai

Vivek Kapoor-Creative Labels, Mumbai

This article is  exclusively written by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi India for Narrow WebTech Germany in May 2015 The article should not be used or published without the permission of Narrow Web Tech Germany. Should you wish to reproduce, please contact the author or editor Narrow Web Tech

Sunday, May 24, 2015

PrintWeek India Awards!

Over the last seven years Printweek Awards have gained immensely in respect, stature and value for delivering recognition to outstanding work in Print. The Printweek team lead by Group Editor Ramu Ramanathan has painstakingly worked to make these, as one of the most prestigious awards in India. The real value comes from selection of an eminent and learned jury; a line-up of big-name print buyers, who not only ensure but also measure the consistency of work submitted. They also check financial performance and business strategy so as to provide inspiration to new and young entrants into Print. Getting dedicated and committed creative printing companies to send in their master creations in print as entries is in itself a gigantic task which the Printweek team accomplishes with hardcore indulgence. The standard of work that has come in as entries for these awards over the years has continuously seen a escalation in quality of print and finishing processes employed by printers who continue to master the latest technologies in printing, converting and finishing.

Ramu Ramanathan
Printweek has been successful in bringing together the printing industry across the Nation through
their publication and driving in, a culture to achieve excellence in print. It is heartening to see them touching base with printers of all size and catering to all segments in printing in remote corners of India. They have created categories that cover almost all technologies like Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Screen, etc and to segments like commercial printing, packaging, POP, advertising and Labels. Bringing together such a large collection of printers under one umbrella is laudable. What is more interesting is that they also honour students who excel, while still learning the skills of high quality printing. They are the future of print! This connect will surely be the long term bridge between those who create masterpieces in print and those who bring appreciation and rewards to printers.
Anygraphics receiving the Printweek 2014 award.
Education, advertising and packaging still rely heavily on the printing quality and innovation. It is at this time an imperative, for those who are making an entry into print or those who are trying to find avenues to profitability and success, to actually dwell on innovative creations.  I would like to suggest to Printweek to institute an award for that one printer in the country who invested in some new technology or developed a new technique or a product that was so far not there, thus creating awareness in need to take the printing industry in India to another level.
PrintWeek India Awards has announced entries open from  1st  May 2015  for its seventh edition of the annual print hunt. The entries are open to all Indian  print companies for jobs printed  from 1st  April, 2014 onwards. Like each year, the awards are categorised as the Performance Awards ( 6 categories) and the Quality Awards (20 categories).

1.    PrintWeek India Printing Company of the Year
2.    Green Printing Company of the Year
3.    Post-Press Company of the Year
4.    Pre-Press Company of the Year
5.    SME Printing Company of the Year
6.    Student of the Year

1.    Book Printer of the Year (Academic and Trade)
2.    Book Printer of the Year (Specialty)
3.    Brochure & Catalogue Printer of the Year
4.    Creative Repro Company of the Year
5.    Cross Media Company of the Year
6.    Digital Photo Album Printer of the Year
7.    Digital Printer of the Year
8.    Direct Mail Printer of the Year
9.    Fine Art Printer of the Year
10.  Industrial Product Printer of the Year
11.  Innovative Printer of the Year
12.  Label Printer of the Year
13.  Magazine Printer of the Year
14.  Newspaper Printer of the Year
15.  Packaging Converter of the Year (General)
16.  Packaging Converter of the Year (Luxury)
17.  PUR-Book Maker of the Year
18.  Screen Printer of the Year
19.  Social Stationery Printer of the Year
20.  Wide-Format Printer of the Year

Early Bird Deadline -  30 June 2015.
Early Bird Entry Fee -  Rs 2000 per entry.
Deadline – 31 July 2015
Regular Entry Fee – Rs 2500 per entry.
Latest updates and entry forms will soon be available on the PrintWeek India Awards website.
For further detail write to or call 022 43025016

Written by Harveer Singh Sahni, Managing Director, Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi, India May, 2015

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