DUBLIN, Ohio, February 4, 2022, Ashland has introduced a new water-based pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) platform which is fully compliant in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 10993 direct skin contact applications. This portfolio is comprised of seven highly competitive Aroset and Flexcryl acrylic PSAs designed for demanding applications. These seven PSAs grades are available to the market and ready to service ISO 10993 regulated application needs.

Key attributes of the water-based ISO 10993 compliant PSA platform:

  • passed ISO 10993 biomedical compatibility testing
    • non-sensitizing (10993-10)
    • non-irritating (10993-10)
    • no cytotoxicity (10993-5)
  • competitive options for coaters/converters not able to service market with traditional direct skin contact adhesives
  • economical options vs. traditional PSAs used in direct skin contact applications
  • broad applications outside of skin-contact which includes labels, graphics, and protective films
  • APEO-free options available
  • LRP-2 paper repulpability compliant options available
  • CA Prop 65 compliance

“We are excited to roll out this platform as it allows new customers to tap into a mature market and come to the table with a set of competitive offerings which can displace traditional ISO 10993 compliant PSAs,” said Dr. Steven Medina, senior group leader, pressure sensitive adhesives, Ashland. “The attributes of this platform make these adhesives unique in the sense that it targets a niche market while still having the ability to be utilized in more traditional applications such as paper labels and vinyl graphics. The attractive cost structure, various benefits of using water-based PSAs, and highly sought- after sustainable attributes such as repulpability make this platform very appealing and one to add to our customers product offerings.”

For more information, please visit us at ashland.com or call 1-800-ASHLAND.

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