adphosNIR ® systems are perfect for increasing production and improving print images in digital printing, conventional printing or hybrid applications. They also offer upgrades, retrofits or replacements for existing drying systems for digital presses, hybrid presses (conventional/digital) or finishing lines.

Benefits of adphosNIR ® technology:

  • Lower operating costs through:
  • Increased production speed, productivity and throughput
  • Less energy consumption compared to other systems
  • Reduces rejects due to the fast response times of the systems
  • Due to the low influence of the adphosNIR ® radiation on the substrate (less heating, formation of waves, rippling), higher productivity can be achieved in the further processing lines.
  • Higher quality end products (direct mail, books, publications, bank statements):
  • Less waving and frizzing due to minimized thermal stress


Inkjet drying

  • Drying of water-based inkjet inks up to 1,000 m/min (3,000 ft/min)
  • Drying of inks on temperature-sensitive substrates – including plastics
  • Special solutions for booster dryers for existing inkjet printing machines

Inkjet integration

  • Integration of imprinting systems into traditional printing presses and finishing lines in black, solid color and four-color printing
  • Experience with the integration of all inkjet technologies – continuous, pieze and thermal
  • Solutions for print head positioning, inkjet drying and entire printing towers
  • A large number and options such as web handling and print image inspection are available


  • Solutions for high-speed drying of waterborne pre- and post-coatings
  • Ideal for drying water-based adhesives (envelope gluing)