Helmut Schreiner who has seen life from being a destitute in the era, post world war II to the time when his father started his label factory in their 45 square foot garage, went on to eventually retire as Managing Director/CEO from that same company that he transformed into “The Schreiner Group” with a sales turnover of over 130 million Euros in 2012. Helmut Schreiner is now 75 years old and believes in the capabilities of the next generation. In September 2012, he handed over the reigns of the Schreiner Group to his only son 43 year old son Roland. Helmut, after 55 years of service to the family-owned company — with 38 of them in the role of managing director/CEO – is now serving on the advisory board. In may 2013 I wrote in detail about Helmut and his life in this blog and can be read at http://harveersahni.blogspot.in/2013/05/helmut-schreiner-adversity-to.html
He is now devoting a substantial part of his time to social activities and charities. He lives his philosophy, to be honest and true to himself. In retirements he is rediscovering himself and his inner passions by also devoting time to his passion for poetry. In July this year he sent to me a translation of his poetic expressions relating to Autumn. I found it an extremely pleasurable expression of time being spent in retirement. So I decided to share with the print fraternity, it is available at http://harveersahni.blogspot.in/2014/07/helmut-schreiner-from-labels-to-poetry.html , 
As the season begins to change and festivities approach, Helmut felt it is time to make yet another poetic expression. He wrote another poem expressing himself beautifully, He sent the poem to me and his communication says,, "While currently enjoying the autumn we approach wintertime and, with this, the turn of the year. The question, what will be changed and what will this mean to me I dealt with my new poem – as well as the question how we will celebrate the upcoming festivities." 

I reproduce the poem for my readers;

The winds of autumn chase the days,
Nature shows change in myriad ways.
As fog subdues my pondering mind
I muse what time will bring, will it be kind?
I could of course just wait and see
With guarded hope or cheerfully
What will be budding in myfield
Will flowers or green cabbage be my yield?
I start to sow the things to be,
Fill visions with my energy.
Change will invigorate my heart and soul
Fulfill my wish, achieve my goal.
Sowing as well as cultivation
Can both be joyful, bring elation.
Acting with purpose is divine
Even turns water into wine.
While we may celebrate in diverse ways
Tradition-bound or in the style of modern days
Our workings are the things that count
The star we choose to reach the mount.
Helmut Schreiner

The above can be reproduced by giving credit to presenter Harveer Sahni, Managing Director Weldon Celloplast Limited. November 2014