As we get into the middle of summer holidays, most of the bigger label printers seem to be heading to some exotic destinations with their families. They have worked hard to achieve success and so it is appropriate to reward themselves with relaxing and fun-filled vacations. When they return to work rejuvenated, it will be start of yet another bout of hard work to chisel their success stories with print. The retailing revolution in India has unfolded a growth in the Indian label industry that needs constant indulgence and continuous expansion to achieve excellence in printing with enhanced capabilities to produce defect free labels at high speeds and be cost effective. The market keeps on getting bigger and consumers get more demanding both in terms of quality and prices. With raw material prices sky-rocketing, the pressure on the label printers is evident. In such a scenario the time-off is justified, so that they come back and get back to work with enhanced vigor.

Hotel Park Hyatt, Goa
The Label Manufacturers Association of India has been toying with the idea of holding a conference for long time. The event has finally gone beyond the planning stage and has been announced. The LMAI Conference, “Innovations in Print” is scheduled to be held at Hotel Park Hyatt, Goa on the 29th, 30th and 31st of July 2011. The event is just two months away and preparations are in full swing. The management team at LMAI headed by their President Vivek Kapoor is making efforts to make this conference a big success. The industry has welcomed the move and the event appears to be heading for a fully sold out situation! Leading equipment and material suppliers have seen the opportunity in this conference where the “who is who” of the Indian label industry will meet, and have come forward with sponsorships. Most of these renowned international companies are also sending in speakers to make presentations that will impart knowledge on innovative developments in the field. LMAI is making efforts to make this event a memorable one by arranging lunches, dinners, entertainment, celebrity performances, African drummers, etc. This is an evident effort to add value to the meet with good content, good entertainment and great networking. It is interesting to note that with the announcement of this event the LMAI membership has started to grow.
Before the LMAI conference, earlier on in July from the 1st to 4th “PackPlus South 2011” is being held in Hyderabad. Though it is primarily a packaging show yet it does have a converting zone where important industry suppliers to the label industry as also some leading label printers will be exhibiting. Given the event organizers heritage and links with the label industry, it is expected many of the constituents of the label industry, more so from South India will be seen at the show either as exhibitors or visitors. The show also gains importance from the fact that it has established a foothold in the south Indian market in recent times.
Two months later in the end September, “Labelexpo Europe 2011” will be held from 29th September to 1st October 2011 at Brussels. This show is the Mecca for successful Label printers across the world. The last show in 2009 marketed as, “Greatest Label show on earth” lived up to its tagline with over 24000 visitors from 125 countries, despite the fears of the impact of economic slowdown. The show in September 2011 is going to be the biggest ever label event with some innovative features. Last year at Labelexpo Americas, the event promoters Tarsus had tried a new concept of organizing, “Technology Print Workshops”. The huge success of these workshops has prompted them to introduce the same at Labelexpo Europe this year. Three printing technologies (dry toner, liquid toner and inkjet) will be compared against each other during live machine demonstrations run by an independent moderator. The technologies will be represented by Xeikon, HP and EFI Jetrion respectively. There will be four sessions per day, three of which will see the different companies printing the same job – a food, pharmaceutical or personal care label – on the same substrate. The fourth session will allow participants to print a label of their choice. Visitors will also get to see the narrow web printing and converting technology undergoing a transition so as to integrate label printing, flexible packaging and package converting technologies on to the same press. This would enable a label company to acquire one high end press and have the capability to produce labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, folding cartons, etc on the same equipment employing diverse print technologies. The developments displayed at this event will be an eye opener for the future trends in the label industry.
The no. of visitors from India to Labelexpo Europe this year is expected to be exceptionally high. They will definitely be the select band of visitors to watch and woo. They will be the ones ringing the order bells for the equipment suppliers. Most of the printers are holding their order to finally announce their acquisitions at this premium event. The year seems to be getting busy and interesting for the label industry. Hereon it will be Hyderabad followed by Goa and then finally Brussels. They will be doing business, partying and networking, all the way!
Written by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director, Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi-110008 1st June, 2011.