The Indian print industry has a reputation for being a boy’s club, but there are women carving a niche in the Indian printing and packaging segment, with many in leadership roles.

PrintWeek is celebrating the power of women with The Women to Watch Awards in 2023. The Women to Watch Awards are for outstanding women who lead, inspire, and motivate greatness in the printing and packaging community. As part of PrintWeek’s commitment to promote the advancement of diversity, inclusion, and equality in the printing industry, these awards, in their first ever year, celebrate the achievements of India’s business leaders, change makers, trailblazers, and rising stars.

Harveer Sahni of Weldon Celloplast is of the opinion that when women in print-packaging do receive public attention, it tends to be the rare CEO. Once upon a time, Indian family businesses were always handed down from father to son. Not any longer. The trend is changing. Across the print and packaging industry, more and more women scions can be seen at the frontline of their family business.

Also there are women technocrats, who populate every level of print-packaging – management, production, education and finance.  “In label manufacturing, there is Honey Vazirani. She’s an amazing story of a leading label lady,” said Sahni.

Vazirani’s first visit to a packaging company was in 1989. Having been shortlisted as a management trainee for The Paper Products, India’s largest and oldest flexible packaging company then, she was visiting the factory for my final interview. “The journey from Santacruz (Western Mumbai suburbs) to Thane was an adventure in itself. I started to wonder whether I could do that 33km commute every day,” said Vazirani. “But once I visited the production floor, my first ever manufacturing plant tour, I was in love with the technology, the printing presses and the pulse of a manufacturing floor. And that fascination continues to date.” From The Paper Products to leading the Fuji Seal India team, Vazirani has taken the label world in her stride.

With the Women to Watch Awards, PrintWeek/WhatPackaging? will celebrate and salute women in print-packaging – from the plant floor to the executive office, who are making a difference. “It’s a great initiative, one that will cause the Indian print-packaging industry to evolve and encourage more of their peers to join the party,” said Sahni.

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